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Completely rewiring your boat is and has always been our specialty at kahuna boat wiring, I found if you give your accessories sufficient power especially your pumps and electronics they can last up to 5 times longer then they would with a less desirable connection like most factory wiring and push on connectors Daisy chaining one supply usually no more than one single 10 gauge wire powering your entire boat, we colorcode every wire use all tin coated marine wire all screw on connectors no daisychaining everything gets its own power, all wiring has a single run no breaks in the wire from the switch to the accessory, rewiring your boat the kahuna way will give you years of trouble free safe boating for you your friends and your family.

Service and convenience

• We offer inexpensive services

• Use tin-coated wiring

• Color code all work up to code

• We use all of the best materials

• Low hourly rates available

• We troubleshoot any issue you have

• And many more!


If it isn't broken, it's almost broken and we can fix it!

Dedicated technicians

We are dedicated to providing quality products and services at affordable prices to sailors and boat owners locally in the Key Largo and Key West, Florida areas.


Our prices and quotes include the hourly rates for both technician and assistant so that the prices you are quoted are the prices you get billed.

Complete boat rewires by the experts

Complete boat rewires by the experts